Where to Place Your Mobile Booster

There are different models of mobile boosters to choose from. They are all similar so these instructions on where to place your mobile booster will apply to most all of these great tools. Before you place your mobile booster you will need a sturdy surface to place the mobile booster on.

Most providers recommend placing the mobile booster in the center of the room if it is going to be used in an office. A mobile booster that is placed near the center of the room will give access to the widest range of area in the office.

Place your mobile booster in a location that is central to the office like on the top of file cabinets or even on the top of a shelf in a cubicle that is near the center of the office. Just be sure that the surface that you place the booster on is stable.

At Home

It is best to place the booster on the level where you will be using your cell phone the most. While you will get an improved signal through-out much of the house you will get the best signal the closer you are to the mobile booster.signal-boosting-usa It is strongly suggested you place the mobile booster in the area that you will most likely be using your cell phone to get the best results.

If you can choose a spot near a window with a clear line of sight to avoid obstructions you will get better results. Sometimes it is not possible to place your mobile booster near a window and that is okay you will still be able to use your mobile booster and get the hoped for outcome. Placing the unit by the window just increases the amount of boost.

Quick Questions

There are a couple of quick questions most users have when they first get their mobile booster:

  1. What if I do not have any windows in my office? Your mobile booster is designed to work in areas without windows so you should be fine.
  2. Should I be able to get a strong signal outside of my home, like in the garden when I have a mobile booster? That is hard to answer because it depends on the size of your home, where the booster is located and any obstructions between the mobile booster and where you will be sitting.
  3. Is a mobile booster worth the investment? Yes!