Some No Man’s Sky Players Demand a Refund

No Man’s Sky has been out for a couple of weeks now and although a lot of players are engrossed in exploring what the game has to offer, a few people do not like the game because of a few things.

One, players note that the game is a bit monotonous. Yes, there are a lot of planets to explore but most of them are planets of the same geographical features with only a different color to differentiate them.

Second, the game has been mired with a lot of issues, especially for players of the PC version of the game. There was a patch that was released that hopefully fixed 70% of those issues and I think it pretty much ironed out all of the major bugs on the platform.

But, there is a handful of Playstation 4 players that are quite unsatisfied with the game and, again, it is because of the issues that they faced.

Some of the people that wanted a refund for the game said that they were misled to believe that this game will have a Multiplayer feature. They also went on to say that the trailer and promotional material used hyped things up, only to be disappointed by the game’s execution of its vast universe.

Some people also report that this game gave them motion sickness because of how the game is played and there were no prior warnings about it.

Because of this, a lot of people who owns the Playstation 4 port of the game demanded refunds from Sony.

These people have cited a lot of reasons for their request for a refund. Aside from the reasons stated above, people were experiencing game crashes even after a few minutes of playing the game.

And, they also reiterated that the promotional marketing of this game hyped things up but the execution of the game was sloppy.

Some of the people who have requested a refund were successful in getting their money back but Sony reiterated something of importance that people should know before actually asking for a refund.

According to the gaming company, players can only ask for a refund within 14 days of their purchase. Secondly, the gamers can only ask a refund if they haven’t downloaded the game or streamed the game’s content via social media channels.

Furthermore, if the game has already been played or downloaded, gamers will not be able to ask for a refund. The only valid reason for their refund request would be if the game is faulty but that ground was not explained thoroughly (they might pertain it to the game not working but there are some game-breaking bugs currently present even in the PS4 version of the game).

Well, if you’re dissatisfied with the game, you also have to remember something very important. Once you’ve requested a refund and you’ve successfully acquired your money, you will never be able to play the game; either with a digital or even a physical copy.

In other words, you will be barred from playing the game as the game will access your internet connection and the company will bar you from ever playing it again.

So, if you are experiencing any issues and you want to ask a refund, think first, because that will probably be the last time you will be playing this game on the said gaming platform.

No Man’s Sky is available on the Playstation 4 and on the PC.