Hideo Kojima Reveals Reason Why He Chose Sony Over Others

Hideo Kojima, the highly esteemed man who owns Kojima Productions, have parted ways with Konami.

Kojima had so much success in Konami as most of his Metal Gear Solid games were released by the aforementioned gaming company.

Unfortunately, there were internal issues that prompted Kojima to leave Konami for good.

Some of these issues revolve around Konami’s unfriendly deadlines and Konami’s moves in recent months prior to Kojima’s departure from the company.

Since Hideo Kojima is very popular, a lot of gaming companies have contacted him as they want to hire the talented game developer.

For those of you who do not know, Hideo Kojima is responsible for creating the Metal Gear Solid Franchise. The game is about Solid Snake and its emphasis on espionage and silent kills.

But, even though many companies courted him, he chose one prominent gaming company above everyone else. Which company did he choose? Well, it is none other than Sony Entertainment Corporation.

Why did Kojima choose Sony? The explanation is really simple: because they have a great working relationship.

You see, through the years, Kojima has been busy with side projects that are not done with his partnership with Konami. Some of his side projects were done for Sony and it did well with the company.

Kojima chose Sony because he is very comfortable working with them. Kojima said that unlike Konami where he had to beg for some of his projects to be given the go signal, it is entirely different with Sony.

When he wants to work on a project, Sony just gives him the approval and off he goes to make it. No more questions, no more buts, he’s freely given the authority to pretty much do whatever it is that he wishes.

This, to him, established his great working relationship with the company. He said that because of the company’s trust in him, he feels invigorated to work for them over any other gaming company out there.

He also goes on to say that because of his working relationship with Sony, he is able to focus on more creative tasks as opposed to minor things he doesn’t care about.

During the E3 2016 event, Hideo Kojima finally revealed his latest game post-Konami, Death Stranding. The star of this game is Norman Reedus from the popular Walking Dead Series.

It is still unknown what this game really is but from the looks of the trailer, it seems that it’s going to be a post-apocalyptic game.

Or, it is possible that it is a horror game since Kojima’s last game that was canceled by Konami was a horror game called “PT”.

Death Stranding is going to be a Playstation 4 game console exclusive. There is still no information about the release date of the game. It could possibly be released at the end of the year or sometime next year.

If Hideo Kojima is happy with Sony, then I am also happy for him. This is actually good for fans since Kojima can now focus his efforts in developing high-quality games from now on.